How to set up Scheduled Automations
  • 20 Mar 2024
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How to set up Scheduled Automations

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How to use “On A Schedule or Timer” in Automations

Learn how to schedule events with Automations.

NOTE: This event option is only available for Enterprise plans and above.

Here's a quick walkthrough:

What are Scheduled Events?

In Automations, scheduled events are event that run at a known frequency (e.g. once an hour, once a day, twice a week) at a certain point in time (9:00 AM) in a certain timezone (EST, GMT).
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How to use Schedules in Automations?

Go to Automations in the navigation bar and then click +Create Automation or edit an existing automation. This will open the Automations editor.

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Choose On A Schedule or Timer.

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Once selected, the side panel opens up which displays different options for the frequency of your event. You can set the frequency in hours, days, or months. For our more advanced users, the scheduling system is based on rrule.

Schedule by Hours

Users can configure the hour frequency that the scheduled automation will run, as well as how many minutes past the hour.

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Schedule by Days

Users can configure the frequency of days that the scheduled automation will run, as well as the exact time and timezone.

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Schedule by Weeks

Users can configure which days of the week the scheduled automation will run, as well as the exact time and timezone.

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Scheduled Automation Example

For example, let’s say that I want to fire a scheduled automation that runs every week and send an email my shop floor supervisor if they haven’t checked the machine status on Monday, Wednesday and Friday every week, and if they haven’t, send them an email.

The first step that I’m going to do is set up the frequency and recurrence of my automation in my event. I’ve selected my scheduled event, chosen the frequency for one week, and to occur on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

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Since I store my machine check information in a table, I get the specific record that corresponds with my machine (record #1) then I compare the status in a decision block.

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Scheduled Automations 9

If it’s No, send an email to the supervisor that contains how the machine has been running using the expression editor. Otherwise nothing should happen.

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