Using the USB Bobe Box Driver
  • 17 Sep 2022
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Using the USB Bobe Box Driver

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Using the USB Bobe Box Driver

A guide to the USB-BOBE-BOX Driver

This article describes the capabilities and configuration associated with the USB Bobe Box driver in Tulip.


The USB Bobe Box driver allows Bobe M-Box device to be used in Tulip Apps though the Tulip Edge Devices or Tulip Player.

The driver supports sending an event to the Tulip App when a new reading is gathered. This event contains all data sent from the box. This is exposed in the Tulip App Editor as a "Device Event" as shown below:


To configure your USB Bobe Box device to be used with Tulip, first ensure that your USB Bobe Box is plugged into a Windows computer running the Tulip Player (v17.1 or later) or a Tulip Edge Device.

Then, ensure that the Bobe Box's "Final Character" is set to "Enter".

If using the Bobe Box via the Tulip Player, no additional configuration is needed.

If using the Bobe Box via the Tulip Edge Device, visit the Device Portal page for your Edge Device to configure the driver.

The relevant configuration screen is shown below.

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