NetSuite Apps and Connector
  • 17 Sep 2022
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NetSuite Apps and Connector

Integrate Tulip with NetSuite using pre-built applications and Tulip's HTTP Connectors


The goal of this connector is to enable bi-directional communication between NetSuite’s system of record and Tulip’s Industrial Operations Platform. Many common manufacturing functions are provided out-of-the-box and advanced connectors allow extension to other applications. The accompanying applications show an example usage of this connector in a soap manufacturing facility.

Installation and Configuration

This connector requires an accompanying NetSuite SuiteApp to be deployed within NetSuite. Contact your Tulip Account Representative to schedule a time for this installation.

The connector functions have been designed with reusability in mind. As a result, to reconfigure the apps, only basic App Editor reworks are required. Replace existing content to reflect your shop floor more effectively, and the connectors will work the same.

Connector Functions

The integration provides the following functions:

Create Assembly Build

Create Assembly Build(subsidiary, location, item, quantity, lot, expiration, inventory) → Error, Assembly Build Id

Creates an assembly build in for an item that consumes and produces inventory according to the latest BOM revision for an assembly.

Create Bin Transfer

Create Bin Transfer(Subsidiary, Location, Item, Item Units, Quantity, From Bin Number, To Bin Number, Inventory Status, Issue Inventory Number, To Inventory Status) → Success, Error, Created Record Id, Created Record Type

Creates a Bin Transfer transaction to move materials.

Create Production Downtime

Create Production Downtime(Downtime Reason, Downtime Category, Employee Id, Downtime Start, Operation, Work Order Completion, Asset, Downtime Minutes, Work Order) → Success, Error, Created Record Id, Created Record Type

Creates a production downtime record (Advanced Manufacturing Only).

Create Production Result

Create Production Result(Quantity, Start Time, End Time, Work Center, Work Order, Operation, Name, Work Order Completion, Plant, Asset, Employee, Quantity Units) → Success, Error, Created Record Id, Created Record Type

Creates a production result record (Advanced Manufacturing Only).

Create Work Order Completion

Create Work Order Completion(Work Order, Quantity, Start Operation, End Operation, Lot, Expiration) → Error, Work Order Completion Id

Creates a work order completion indicating that manufacturing routing operations have been completed.

Create Work Order Issue

Create Work Order Issue(Work Order, Line, Quantity, Lot) → Error, Work Order Issue Id

Creates a work order issue to consume raw materials.

Get Assemblies

Get Assemblies(subsidiary, location) → Error, Assemblies

Gets a list of the active assemblies.

Get Assemblies with Filter

Get Assemblies with Filter(subsidiary, location, filter) → Error, Assemblies

Gets a list of the active assemblies that match the filter.

Get BOM for Item

Get BOM for Item(subsidiary, location, item, quantity) → Error, BOM

Gets the latest bill of materials revision for an item id.

Get BOM for Work Order

Get BOM for Work Order(Work Order) → Error, BOM

Gets the latest bill of materials revision for the item of a work order.

Get Open Work Orders for Work Center

Get Open Work Orders for Work Center(Work Center) → Error, Work Orders

Gets the open work orders for a work center.

For full documentation on the functionality of the API provided by the Tulip SuiteApp, refer to the public documentation here.

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