How To Enable Edge MC Remote Support
  • 20 Sep 2022
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How To Enable Edge MC Remote Support

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How To Enable Edge MC Remote Support

Here's how to enable Tulip's access to your Edge MC for troubleshooting purposes.

When additional support is needed for configuring your Edge MC, the Edge MC Remote Support service can be enabled to allow Tulip's Customer Support Team to have access to the device.

The Edge MC Remote Support service is a device feature that is disabled by default but can be enabled by logging into the Edge MC Portal

The Edge MC Remote Support service creates a Secure Shell (SSH) tunnel to a trusted Tulip server, thereby providing a secure access point for Tulip's Support Team.

The service requires that the device:

  • Is connected to the internet
  • Has outgoing access to the Tulip Cloud on ports 443 and 80.

The service remains enabled for a default period of 24 hours, but can be revoked at any time through the Edge MC Portal.

Enabling Remote Support

There are two ways to enable this feature.

Method 1 - Through the Edge MC Device Portal

To enable Remote Support from the Edge MC Portal, begin at the Edge MC Portal homepage.

Toggle the option on the right side of the page labeled Remote Access.

You will be prompted with a dialog to set a Session Name. This is optional, and leaving the session name as the pre-loaded input is preferred.

Press Turn on Remote Access to continue.

You will then be presented with a Session Name and Session Password:

Securely share this information with Tulip to allow access to the remote session.

The session can be ended prematurely at any time by toggling the menu item on the Edge MC Portal.

Method 2 - Through a Hardware Button Press

There is a second option for enabling the Edge MC Remote Support feature that requires physical access to the device.

Press the RST button on the Edge MC for 1 second. Both Green LEDs will blink during this press. Release the button after 1 second, and the LEDs will return to normal.

This will enable remote support until manually turned off through the Edge MC Portal, a Factory Reset, or by Tulip's Support Team. For this reason, this is not the preferred method of enabling the Remote Support feature.

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