Factory 279 Release - May 2024
  • 17 May 2024
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Factory 279 Release - May 2024

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Release 279 brings updates to Automations and the App Editor. In addition, users can more easily access data of last published apps and see details when an imported asset isn't compatible with their instance. There are also UI changes and bug fixes requested by users.

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Updates in Automations

  • Within the automations editor, users can now undo/redo their logic blocks using buttons at the top of the editor. Users can also use the keyboard shortcuts for undo(cmd/ctrl-z) and redo(cmd/ctrl-shift-z)
  • Logic blocks in automations can now be renamed by clicking on the block's name in the logic editor

r279 Rename Logic Blocks

  • In the automations editor, users can provide feedback for Tulip
  • In the automations editor, there are type icons when selecting fields to update in Update / Create Table Record. Add type icons when selecting fields to update in Update / Create Table Record in automations

r279 Logic Editor Type Icons for Fields

  • Within the automation editor, users will not see Datasources (outside/within) this automation in the prefix for expression values in the datasource picker
  • Users can now link directly to an archived automation and will be presented with an opportunity to restore the archived automation

Updates in the App Editor

  • Users will see a re-designed context pane with updated groupings for variable widgets on the app editor. This also adds a new Overflow styling section for variable widgets whose datasource has text.
    r279 Context Pane Redesign

  • New variable and text widgets are slightly taller to prevent showing a visible scrollbar upon creation

  • Users will see a error page if they visit the URL of the app editor of an archived app directly

Updates for Tulip Analytics

  • Users now have the ability to set the decimal precision for numeric fields in the Data Panel for Universal Template analyses. See more here.

Accessing Last Published App Data

  • On the apps page, users can see Last Published relative dates for apps in most tables by selecting the column from the dropdown by Last Modified. Users can choose to sort on these dates. The last published date for an app may also be viewed in the side panel preview for the app.

Support Request Behavior

  • Support requests open in a new tab, to prevent losing work in progress.

Import Compatability Notification

  • There is an added descriptive message in the Import modal telling a user if an asset is incompatible with their Tulip version.

SAML Configuration UI

  • In SAML enabled instances, in the Account Settings > Player, the Login Settings > Authentication type configuration UI is removed. Please reach out to your CSM to have it re-enabled if needed.

Bug Fixes

Release 279 contains multiple bug fixes that we want to highlight because they were reported by users:

  • Fixed an issue where "Export to CSV" option in the interactive table widget not working on Mobile Player app

  • Fixed an issue where Y Axis labels would get rounded down to integers

  • Importing a scheduled automation will now return the schedule to the default schedule

  • Fixed an issue where users were not able to copy text from the SQL query editor

  • Fixed an issue where certain Automations using the "Update Data - Set to" action would not load in the Automations editor properly and would fail to run

  • Certain Automations using the "Update Data - Set to" action would not load in the Automations editor properly and would fail to run

  • Fixed an issue where certain Automations using the "Update Data - Set to" action would not load in the Automations editor properly and would fail to run

  • The Connector Host's OPC UA connection has been made more stable

  • Fixed an issue where after a network disruption, Table Record and Machine Triggers would not update in Apps

  • Users will now be able to clear table record fields, even if the table has an archived field, in dev mode

  • Fixed an issue where, when running apps, triggers on signature widgets that use the Signature Info > Timestamp field were unable to save to table records or were saving incorrectly formatted data

  • Fixed an issue where date time variables' and steps' start and end times that stored in completions were displayed one hour before or after. This would happen when they were recorded in another daylight savings time period than the one effective at their point in time

  • Fixed an issue in the app editor where users could not access all actions in the menu if there were many steps/step groups since they went off the bottom of the screen. Note that this menu is no longer accessible by right clicking the step or step group in the steps tab -- this is a pattern that we're moving away from

  • Ensure the latest version of an app always run after clicking Begin on the Player. This fixes a bug when, if an app was published while a player was logged out, the player would, when reconnected, not run the latest app version.

  • Fixed an issue in the app editor where creating a widget with translatable text on a multilingual app, deleting it, and clicking Undo would cause the translated text to disappear. Now, the text in all languages should appear as expected in both the app editor and player

  • Fixed invalid date times that generate from {{TEXTTODATETIME}} causing completions to not be saved. Invalid dates will now cause triggers to error

Full List of Ticket ID included in Release 279

If you are tracking any of these tickets and would like more details, please contact Tulip Customer Support via support@tulip.co or live chat through your instance.


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