Tool Tip Unit Test
  • 30 Sep 2022
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Tool Tip Unit Test

Tool Tip Unit Test

This application explains how to setup and use the tool tip custom widget plugin


The purpose of the Tool Tip Unit Test is to allow users to learn and understand how to setup and use the tool tip custom widget plugin in their Tulip applications. Custom widget plugins are coded widgets that sit on top of the Tulip platform to give additional functionality that is not currently part of the main platform. The Tool Tip Custom Widget Plugin allows app builders to input a tool tip or helper text onto a '?' icon, which will be displayed when an operator hovers over the icon with their mouse.


Custom Widget Plugins interact with your application through the use of properties and events. Properties are the shared data that exists between your application and widget, while events are signals that your widget can send to your application. In your app editor you can build triggers based off these events. Events can be made to send data to your application as well.

The Tool Tip Custom Widget Plugin makes use of one property and zero events. The property being used in this widget is named 'HELPERTEXT' and is of type text and is read-only. This property allows you to input the helper text that you want to display when someone hovers their mouse over the '?' icon.

How it Works

This application asks you to enter your helper text in a blank box which stores this data into a Tulip variable. There is a '?' icon on the screen which has a pointer towards it telling you to hover your mouse over than icon to see the helper text that you have entered. This custom widget plugin takes in the data from the variable and passes it to the 'HELPERTEXT' property that was defined above, and thus, when you hover your mouse over the '?' icon, you can see the text that you had entered.

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