Location Tracking with Vision
  • 30 Sep 2022
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Location Tracking with Vision

Location Tracking with Vision

Use an off-the-shelf camera to track items and transact them as they move through your factory

Video Overview


This application is an example of how you might use Tulip's vision system to register fixtures ("Jigs") and keep track of them as they move through your factory. To accomplish this, we use Tulip tables to store the assignment of Vision Regions to Locations, Serialized Units to Jigs, and current state inventory levels. Below is a diagram that shows how these relationships are stored and changed as a Jig passes through any number of Regions.


  1. You will need to setup your vision system and camera

  2. Create and print out markers using the vision system

  3. Create a Jig Detector and Jigs

  1. Create a Region and configure it to use the "Tracking Jigs" detector

  1. Use the "configure regions" step in the app to assign your regions to your locations

  1. Finally, your jigs must be assigned to actual production serial numbers. Production serial numbers (or lots) are stored uniquely in the *Units table as a "Unit ID". When a Unit ID is going to move around the factory, it will do so once it is assigned to a Jig. The jig will be recognized by the vision system and used to process the inventory into and out of locations.

  1. The tracking app is ready to use!

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