Embedded Widgets
  • 03 May 2023
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Embedded Widgets

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Embedded Widgets are a collection of widgets that extend the capabilities to enrich your apps for your users.

Display CAD models live-updating views of your Tulip Tables, videos, and more.

What Does Each Widget do?


Not all widgets are available on all instances and subscription plans. Reach out to support@tulip.co to enquire about enabling additional widgets.

  • Analytic - Display a dynamic analysis from a dashboard within an application. Read more.
  • Image - Display an image, on click a trigger can be fired or the photo, can be expanded.
  • Video - Embed a video file within an app step. This video can be dynamically driven by a Table Record Field.
  • Document - Display PDF documents in your applications. Read more.
  • CAD - Display an STL file within an app. Users can spin and zoom into the CAD model.
  • Webpage - Display any embeddable webpage within your Tulip App.
  • Gauge - Provide users a visual representation of a key metric or production critical KPI
  • Grid - Streamline formatting text with the grid widget.
  • Machine Attribute - Display the most recent value of a machine attribute. Read more.
  • Machine Status - Display the current machine status with a miniature historic state display. Read more.
  • Machine Timeline - Display a visual representation of the historic state of a machine. Read more.
  • Interactive Table - Display a dynamic view of a Tulip Table. Users can select rows and they will be automatically assigned to the linked Record Placeholder. Read more.
  • Barcode - Generated 1D and 2D barcodes on the fly. Read more.
  • Step Time - Display any App Info values directly within your application.

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