Using the Zebra Network Printer Driver
  • 23 Jan 2024
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Using the Zebra Network Printer Driver

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Using the Zebra Network Printer Driver

A guide to the Zebra Network Printer Driver

This article describes the capabilities and configuration associated with the Zebra Network Printer driver in Tulip.

Note that this driver differs from the Zebra Printer Driver which is currently only available for the Tulip I/O Gateway.


The Zebra Network Printer driver allows Tulip Apps to print to network-enabled Zebra label printers that support printing over TCP using the Zebra Programming Language (ZPL). To confirm support for your particular printer, contact your Zebra distributor or test it out for yourself.

This driver is only available for the Windows Tulip Player.


The driver supports three functions, "Print Barcode", "Print Text", and "Print Custom ZPL". These functions are exposed in the Tulip App Editor as a "Device Function" as shown below:

All three functions require a Socket Address or Host, which is the network address of the Zebra printer on your network. Note that this address needs to be accessible from your Tulip Player.


The driver emits an "Error" event indicating that there is an issue. This event can be used to debug issues or provide error handling.


No configuration is necessary outside of the Tulip App logic required to connect to a device. While in the above examples we show static values being used for the network address and print values, it is common to pull these values from variables or Tulip Table records in order to allow for central management of these values.

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