Alerting for Control Charts
  • 17 Nov 2023
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Alerting for Control Charts

Article Summary

Control Chart Alerting

Learn to configure alerting for Control Chart analyses.
In this article, learn how to set up Alerting for Analyses with Layers and Control Charts.


You can configure analyses with Control Charts and Layers enabled to allow alerting.


  1. In the layers side panel, enable control charts.
  2. Enable layers (single outlier & prominent shift).
  3. Alerting Configuration (Check Interval & Recipient Email List)
  4. Ensure Proper Setup
  5. Email Alerts Send Conditions for Analyses
  • Enable control charts on the analysis, clicking on the Layers tab for the analysis. Make sure that ‘Control Chart’ is enabled.


  • Must enable one of following layers in order to configure alerting settings:
    • Single Outlier
    • Prominent Shift


  • Click on the Alerts tab (bell icon) to set alerting configuration parameters
    • Check interval: The interval between two checks for Insights
    • Recipient list: A list of Tulip users whom email alerts will be sent to


  • Once the alert is configured, the bell within the button turns solid blue to indicate it has been configured properly

  • For alerting-enabled charts, Tulip checks for new Insights according to the check interval value, independent of the analysis being shown in an App or on a dashboard. If new Insights are found, an email will be sent out to the Tulip users specified in the recipient list.

    The email contains:

    • The name of the analysis
    • A list of the new Insights identified
    • The time they were identified (i.e. the hour)
    • A link to the analysis
    • Instructions on how to unsubscribe from the alert


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