Quality Event Dashboard
  • 30 Sep 2022
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Quality Event Dashboard

Quality Event Dashboard

Track your Quality Events over time and view high level metrics, paretos, and open actions in an interactive dashboards


The purpose of this application is to provide a visual overview of your Quality Events, allowing you to view dynamic paretos of defects, trends, and open actions for the purpose of daily management.

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How it Works

This application relies on production data that is being generated by other applications in the library using a shared table structure. These applications are the Quality Events Report and Manufacturing Events Manager though many other applications in the library use similar methods to record events.

When the App is first opened, it stores the current date and uses that to filter the analytics. There is also an embedded table which shows open actions. You will only see information populated if you use applications in the library which rely upon the *Events table.


This application relies on a number of analytics in order to function. These will not be downloaded along with the application, however the tables and their structures will. You will need to create these 3 analytics (or choose ones of your own!). For each analytic, click on the "select from existing" button, then select the "Status history" table as your data source.

Quality Event Dashboard

Finally, click on "create new analysis" to begin making your analytic. You will need to do this for each of the following analytics.

Pending Events

The top left three analytics all use the same base analytics, so you'll only need to create one and then choose that for all three

Defect Pareto

Defective Units Trend

x-axis expression for copy/paste

format_date_tz(date_trunc(@*Events Created Date , 'day'), 'MM/DD/YY', 'America/New_york')

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