Factory 278 Release - April 2024
  • 13 May 2024
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Factory 278 Release - April 2024

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Release 278 brings updates to Automations, the App editor, and various UI improvements across the platform. We've added a new expression to use in apps and automations and also introduced Vision snapshot overlay options. You can also now configure how operators login to the Tulip Player!

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Automations Updates

We've added a refresh button to fetch the latest automation run history.

r278 Automation Run History Refresh

In the Automations Editor, selecting a node will automatically position it to be the focal point in the editor. (eg. When selecting the node from the variable where used).

r278 Automations Node Scroll to Zoom

In the Automations Logic Editor, when the right context pane is collapsed and the user selects a node, the context pane will now open instead of remaining collapsed.

New Expression for Apps and Automations

There is a new function in the expressions editor called {{ARRAY_VALUE_AT_INDEX}} available for Apps and Automations. The function retrieves the value at the given index for the given array.

Changes to the App Editor

We've re-designed the Context Pane with updated groupings for variable widgets on the App editor. This also adds a new Overflow styling (see below) section for variable widgets whose datasource has text.

The Expand styling configuration has been renamed to Overflow styling for Input Widgets. The behavior of this function does not change.


r278 Variable Widget Context Pane New


r278 Variable Widget Context Pane Old

When a widget has a warning (e.g. missing variable), all errors will be shown instead of just one.

r278 Widget Error Warning

Overlay Vision Snapshots

When working with Vision in the App editor, you can now add a Snapshot overlay option to enable/disable region boundary drawing for snapshots.

When searching for apps, the most recent apps will appear in the search prior to typing a search term.

r278 Recent App Search

Connectors Page UI Updates

On the connectors page, users can now have an undo option when archiving connectors.

r278 Undo Archived Connectors

On the connector and function pages, the texts are now aligning with the new sentence case design of the platform.

Analytics UI Updates

We've added an explanation message for table visualization in the data tab.

In the Analytics Editor My timezone is now the default setting instead of Record timezone. Existing analyses should not be impacted.

Bug Fixes

Release 278 contains multiple bug fixes that we want to highlight because they were reported by users:

  • Fixed an issue where users were facing issues with communications within Tulip.

  • Users who were previously having issues with their OPCH can now configure two environment variables(CONNECTORS_HEALTHZ_SERVER_ENABLED and CONNECTORS_METRICS_SERVER_ENABLED) to enable and disable the healthz server and the metrics server.

  • Fixed a bug where app publication would lead to broken connector references in published app versions if a connector used by the app had been involved in a recent publication in a different workspace.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause table record triggers to fail.

  • Fixed an issue in the App editor where custom widgets were created with the name "Component". They now are correctly named after the custom widget that they're using, e.g. "My Custom Widget". Note that this does not retroactively change custom widgets that are already called "Component", but these names can be changed at any time by editing them in the steps tree or in the side panel for that widget.

  • Fixed Automations calculating intervals incorrectly in Expressions. This caused intervals to be calculated in milliseconds instead of seconds.

Full List of Ticket ID included in Release 278

If you are tracking any of these tickets and would like more details, please contact Tulip Customer Support via support@tulip.co or live chat through your instance.


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