How To Add a Gauge Widget To Your Step
  • 18 Sep 2022
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How To Add a Gauge Widget To Your Step

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How To Add a Gauge Widget To Your Step

Use the embeddable Gauge to visualize progress towards a maximum value

There are many ways to view the live status of a variable in Tulip. One way is to use the Gauge visualization. This is a "progress bar" that shows the progress towards a preset maximum value.

Here is how to use it.

Adding and Editing a Gauge Widget

From the Tool Bar, choose the "Embed" option and then the Gauge widget.

Then, you will see a series of options in the Context Pane to customize the widget:

  • Variable: choose the number or integer variable that you would like to visualize in this gauge
  • Font Size: Change the font size of the labels
  • Font Color: Change the font color of the labels
  • Minimum: The minimum possible value for the variable
  • Maximum: The maximum possible value for the variable
  • Marker Color: The color of the marker that shows the current value of the variable.
  • Background Color: Color of the space between maximum and minimum values
  • Fill Color: Color for the "filled" part of the gauge

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