How to Add a Barcode Widget
  • 30 Sep 2022
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How to Add a Barcode Widget

Learn how to display barcodes directly within your Tulip applications!

The barcode Widget allows you to create and display barcodes directly within Tulip. Here is how you can add a barcode widget to your frontline operations app.

Navigate to the Step in the app where you would like to add a barcode widget.

Click on “Embed” in the App Editor Toolbar and choose “Barcode” from the resulting dropdown.

Now, you have to pick a datasource. The options for the datasource are:

  • Variables: Any variable in your app that you've created
  • App Info: Variables that are automatically logged in your app (Ex: Logged-In User Name, Time Elapsed On App and Step Name)
  • Tulip Table Record: Reference data stored in tables
  • Static Value

We support the following barcode formats:

  • EAN - 8
  • EAN -13
  • CODE 39
  • CODE 128
  • ITF
  • QR Code
  • ECC 200
  • PDF 417

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