Equipment Logbook App Suite
  • 30 Sep 2022
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Equipment Logbook App Suite

Equipment Logbook App Suite


Use Equipment Logbook Collection to quickly implement digital logbooks. Set up all of your logbook fields for each piece of equipment. Execute each check when the time is right, and always keep a running log of values that have been entered. Report a deviation at any time , and prevent equipment from being released without closing out all issues. This is the one-stop-shop for enabling logbooks to exist in the digital world. Never have to worry about a lost paper, or manually control deviations. This collection will enable you to see:

  • log of all changes to equipment
  • running log of all logbook fields against a piece of equipment
  • number of open/closed deviations
  • process capability of number values captured during the logbook process


This collection comes with 4 apps :

  1. Equipment Logbook Navigator - homepage for collection. Always click icon in top right to return back here
  2. Equipment Management - Add/Update new pieces of equipment
  3. Logbook Management -
  4. Equipment Logbook App
  5. Equipment Logbook Review

Initial Walk-through

Part 1: Set Up & Configuration

Follow steps below or watch this video

  1. Install app collection from
  2. Open the application in the Tulip Player (see here if you havent installed yet) Hint: make sure your station is running the Development Version on the shop floor
  3. Run the 'Equipment Logbook Navigator' app
  4. Click 'Go' under the 'Equipment Management' app
  5. Click 'Add' button
  6. Continue for as many pieces of equipment you have
  7. Click the icon in top right to return back to the Navigator
  8. Click 'Go' under the 'Logbook Management' App
  9. Select a piece of equipment from the table
  10. Click 'Add'
  11. Enter a name for the field and select a type
  12. Click add and enter in the info for the respective field (all required fields are in bold)
  13. Click 'Save'
  14. Repeat steps 9-12 until all logbook fields have been entered
  15. Click icon in top right to return home to Navigator app

Part 2: Running the Application

  1. Click 'Go' under the 'Equipment Logbook' App
  2. Scan or select a piece of equipment from the list
  3. Click 'START'
  4. Select any field to get started and click LOG
  5. Repeat steps 18-19 until there are 0 more tasks, then click 'DONE'
  6. Cycle through other equipment if desired. When done click on the icon in top right to return home
  7. Click 'Go' under the 'Equipment Logbook Reivew' App
  8. Scan/Select equipment from list and click 'START'
  9. Browse the History Record on the right, and click through Events to view more detail.
  10. Once all events are closed, click 'RELEASE' button
  11. Add any comments and click 'RELEASE' again
  12. Enter signature.

Optional Modifications

Change dropdown options

Change the 'Types' of machines by going to the Equipment Management app in the App Editor

  1. Select the step 'Add Equipment' step
  2. Select the widget next to 'Type' and edit values on the right hand context pane
  3. You can do the same for STATUS
  4. For Machine here you will to follow instructions here

Upload large sets of data - you can do this by following instructions here for important a csv

This App suite references the following tables:

--Equipment (for Logbook fields)

--Equipment Logbook Fields (for Logbook Apps)


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