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  • 16 Jan 2024
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Digital Stopwatch

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Time studies are a common evaluation tool that is used to understand a manufacturing operation. A time study is often done for the following reasons:

  1. The improvement of processes and procedures
  2. The improvement of plan, office, or service area layout
  3. Economy in human effort and the reduction of unnecessary fatigue
  4. Improvement in the use of materials, machines, and manpower
  5. Development of better physical working environment

When done correctly, time studies provide a granular, normalized view of a multi-step process. They can be used to drive efficiency in processes, improve factory and process design, and improve the output and experience of workers.

  • Some common uses for time studies include:
  • Setting and standardizing step times
  • Establishing KPIs for a manufacturer’s processes
  • Locating and eliminating inefficiencies in processes
  • Collecting data to help predict yearly output and revenue
  • Tightening yearly resource and inventory planning
  • Identifying skills gaps and creating targeted training initiatives.

This app is made as a starting place to quickly and easily begin moving your time studies into the digital space. Check out our blog for more information around time studies.

Getting Started

  1. Download the application from:
  2. Download the Tulip Player
  3. Run!

Optional Modifications

A couple ideas for modifications for the applications:

  1. Change 'Jobs' to be an Activity, or any other asset you would like to track against
  2. Connect to a physical barcode scanner by using device triggers
  3. Edit application to show the 'Duration' on the second step in real time by using a timer based trigger

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