How to Send Emails
  • 08 Mar 2023
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How to Send Emails

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Create an On-Call User Structure for Emails


Emails can be sent to Users dynamically based on User Variables or User Table Fields. The ability to send emails dynamically allows Apps to utilize an on-call structure to determine who to notify of an issue. The email includes the app, step, and trigger that enacted the email.

How To Send Emails

In any Trigger, you can set up an email to be sent to a User. To dynamically specify this, select Variable from the dropdown options:

THEN: Send Email - Variable

Then specify a User Variable to send your given message to.

Example: On-Call Users

For the following use case, make sure you are an Enterprise Account and have configured Schedules You should also understand how to Use Tables in Apps

Once done, you can create an on call structure based around these shifts. An on-call structure will be based on the names of the Shifts outlined in the Schedules page. This structure can be made with a table using the Shift name, and the on-call user. The Table might look something like this:

It is important that the IDs of this table match exactly to the names of the Shifts created in the Schedules page to ensure a match.

In the App, link the on-call table with a Record Placeholder.

Now, the App should access this Table at the beginning of each run to determine who is responsible at that time. In the app, set up an App start trigger to load the table by the current shift type. The Trigger might look something like this:

THEN: Table Records - Load Record by ID: App Info - Shift Name into: schedule

This trigger takes the Shift Name from the App info to load in the correct Table Record, then saves that to the linked Record Placeholder.

Finally, the Email Notification can now be sent dynamically to the appropriate user. For example, if a message should send when a user presses a button, the Trigger will look something like this:

THEN: Send Email to: Table Record - schedule - User message: Static Value - Text - Hello!

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