Using Node-RED with Edge IO
  • 25 Mar 2024
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Using Node-RED with Edge IO

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Using Node-RED with Edge IO

Instruction on how to get started with Node-RED on an Edge IO
See here for using FlowFuse and Node-Red on an Edge IO

Node-RED is a visual, flow-based programming tool to connect hardware with online services and available API endpoints.

Node RED uses the concept of nodes as the basic building block. Nodes are triggered by events or messages, will then process that information, and may generate output. Nodes can be connected and organized into flows.

Enabling Node-RED on your Edge IO

Before getting started, you will need to ensure your Edge IO has been registered to your Tulip instance. For instructions on registering your Edge IO, check out **this article.

To open the Node-RED editor on your device, you must go to your Edge IO portal, which can be found at your device's IP address.

  1. Click on the tab Shop Floor > Edge Devices
  2. Find your Edge IO device, and access it's portal by navigating to it's IP address

Tulip Shop Floor Portal for Gateway

  1. Log in to your Edge IO portal
  2. Click Node-RED Editor, which will take you to http://{EIO_IP}:1880

Tulip Gateway Portal - Node-RED Editor

  1. Enter the following credentials in the Node-RED login screen:

Node-RED Login Modal

  • Username: admin
  • Password: Your Edge IO password

You should now see the editor for Node-RED on your Edge IO!

Using Tulip Node-RED Nodes

Your Edge IO Node-RED installation comes with a set of preinstalled, custom Tulip Node RED nodes. These nodes are configured to work specifically on this Edge device and your Tulip account. You can view the list of Tulip nodes in the palette:

  • tulip-machine-attribute: writes data to Tulip machines using the Tulip Machine API
  • tulip-tables: reads, writes, and configures Tulip tables using the Tulip Tables API
  • tulip-high-speed-analog: reads data from the analog inputs on your Edge IO
  • tulip-digital-input: reads data from the digital inputs on your Edge IO
  • tulip-digital-output: writes data to the digital outputs on your Edge IO

For more information about how to use each specific node, you can click on the node and navigate to the help tab in the sidebar.

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