Supported Firmware Versions
  • 11 Jan 2023
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Supported Firmware Versions

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Learn what firmware versions Tulip supports for auto-updates for your release-type.


With Tulip's option to enable auto-updates for your Edge Devices, managing updates and staying on the most recent release is crucial to keeping your devices up-to-date.

The supported versions for Edge Device updates is dependent on your type of release:

LTS customers

We support a single major firmware version per LTS release. This firmware is supported as long as the LTS release is supported. Please refer to your LTS Terms of Service for more information on the LTS release support timeline.

Firmware bug fixes are backported in a point release to the supported major version.

Firmware is automatically updated with LTS upgrade. If an edge device is not on the supported version for the LTS release, compatibility with the cloud is not guaranteed.
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Standard Release Customers

We support only the latest firmware version.

Firmware bug fixes are released in a point release for the latest major version, or in the next major version.


Fixes are not backported to older firmware versions.

When a new major firmware version OS{x} is released, devices on the immediate prior version OS{x-1} will continue to be compatible with the Tulip cloud and should begin the process of updating. We do not guarantee compatibility for versions that are both older than OS{x-1} and released more than two months before OS{x}.

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