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  • 19 Dec 2023
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Tech Partner Collection

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Get started with our tech partner integrations with this collection of curated technology partner content


Tulip is an open ecosystem. As an open ecosystem, we believe in providing openness and accessibility when it comes to innovating solutions. To do this, we support connectivity to a wide range of partners and devices. We work with technology partners to equipt users with different technology and tools to develop powerful solutions for their diverse frontline processes. This collection provides a high-level walkthrough of some of the use cases and integrations we've developed with our partners.

Ways Technology Partners Integrate with Tulip

Technology partners integrate in a variety of ways with Tulip, such as:

Example Technology Partner Use Cases

Technology partners come together to drive a variety of use cases beyond core Tulip functionality such as:

  • Machine Monitoring: Using tech partners, such as Litmus Automations, enables connecting to thousand of machines and aggregating machine metrics with simplicity. This streamlines monitoring hundreds, if not thousands, of machines
  • Scheduling and Order Execution: So many business processes are reliant on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. Content, such as our NetSuite integration bundle, make it easier to pass data to and from NetSuite. This data communication results in a clearer source of truth for scheduling and order execution use cases, as well as inventory details.
  • Quality Inspection: Technology partners, such as LandingAI, Instrumental, and Elementary, enable additional vision inspection use cases to showcase the art of the possible for a variety of industries.
  • Product Lifecycle Management: Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) systems are fundamental to many businesses' day to day processes. PLMs can provide centralized management of bills of material, revisions, and effectivity dates. Integrating these systems with Tulip streamlines enabling frontline operations teams to use this same source of truth as they perform their tasks. See more with our duro integrations and our onshape integrations

These technology partners can also work in harmony across a single end-to-end use case. See below for an end-to-end quality example:

In the above example, Tulip acts as a core frontline operations platform to ingest machine and tooling information, integrate with ERP data, interact with vision inspection, and output this information to a data cloud for further analysis. Together, Tulip and technology partners can work together to provide a powerful end-to-end solutions for your unique challenges.

Unified Namespace Example

This video walks through a simple example of a unified namespace powered by MQTT, HiveMQ, and HighByte. The concept is a growing trend for connecting devices and contextualizing their information across the entire enterprise. Our partnership with HighByte also extends to unit tests and overview videos as well

Data Pipeline Example

The Data Pipeline example video walks through a variety of ways to send data from Tulip to other databases, Data Warehouses, and more. This example can be accomplished via Fivetran, Tulip Automations, and Snowflake. The accompanying Fivetran integration video and Knowledge Base Article provide additional details.

SAP Integration

This example video walks through Bow&Stern's SAP integration platform: Low Touch SAP Integration. Integrating with ERPs can be complicated; partners such as Bow&Stern simplify this.

NetSuite Integration

This NetSuite integration includes templates for many standard Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) integrations, such as updating inventory and tracking order completions. This connector takes out a lot of the manual work in ERP integrations.

Banner Lighting Integration

Integrating with devices can be difficult; it can require experience with edge devices and NodeRed workflows. The Banner lighting integration unit test contains everything you need for testing and connecting Banner devices to streamline getting up to speed with these devices.

Snowflake Connector

Snowflake integratation via their SQL REST API can require several layers of authentication. The Snowflake connector and related support article walk through this step by step, courtesy of Spaulding Ridge.

Wearables Integration: ProGlove

ProGlove enables an augmented operations experience for barcode scanning and more. This unit test walks through how to get started step by step.

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