Using App Info in Tulip Apps
  • 18 Sep 2022
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Using App Info in Tulip Apps

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This article describes the steps for showing app data using App Info in the Tulip App Editor.


There are several options for referencing app data using 'App Info' in Tulip.

You can access all of these options in the App Editor in two ways.

Using Variables

You can create a Variable in an app to access app data by creating a variable with the datasource set to App Info. See below the options available within this area of the App Editor.

Selecting the Variable

  • Create a new Variable
  • Set the Datasource as 'App Info' and select the App Info data to display.

Expression Editor

  • You can access app data using the Expression Editor, which can be used in Triggers.

  • You will need to create a trigger Action set as:

    • Data Manipulation → Store → Expression

Note that you will need to enter your variables as @App Info. in order to access data from the Expression Editor.

Options Available using App Info

See below the date available within App Info in Tulip Apps:

  • Logged in User

    • Badge ID
    • Name
    • User Preferred Language
    • Time on Step
  • Time Elapsed on App

  • Time Elapsed on Current Step

  • Target Cycle Time for Current Step

  • Target Cycle Time for App

  • App Name

  • App Version

  • This Station

    • Station Name
  • Machine at this Station

  • Step Name

  • Step Group Name

  • Shift Name

  • Current Date and Time

    • Current Date
    • Current Time

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