AI Unit Test - Document Q&A
  • 21 Feb 2024
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AI Unit Test - Document Q&A

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To download the app, visit: Library

Enable easy AI-based Q&A of documents (PDFs) with new copilot functionality. No AI-experience required


Operations companies can have a significant amount of process and policy documentation for reference and review. Enabling a Q&A Copilot app allows operators to ask freeform questions about the materials

Q&A App Screenshot


To set up this example app, all that is required is uploading an example PDF for Q&A. Additionally, the feature flags for copilot need to be turned on.

How it works

After uploading a PDF and asking a question, the Q&A Copilot scans the materials, returns a response, and highlights specific pages on the article that pertain to the answer

Further Exploration

Now that you've explore some initial functionality with the Tulip Copilot, think about extending the app into additional use cases for manufacturing value creation such as:

  • Natural language queries on shipping and receiving documents
  • Streamlined insight generation from shift handover forms
  • Reference material for maintenance technicians (Embedding Document Q&A into maintenance manuals)

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