For regular RGB (Color) cameras we do not have a strong recommendation, since most off-the-shelf USB cameras should work with Vision. Good high-end, general purpose camera models are the Logitech C92X cameras (like the C920) or Microsoft LifeCam models (like the HD-3000). Other products offer a more industrialized packaging, for example this camera, and will also yield good results.

For a close-up view on smaller pieces we recommend using a "microscope camera" (such as this camera) or a "document camera" (such as this camera), depending on how small the part is. Microscope cameras can zoom in up to x250, which is good for use cases such as inspecting the soldering on printed circuit boards. Document cameras can be useful for reading text or barcodes on smaller items.

Depth cameras (also known as Range cameras) capture a distance value for each pixel in addition to the usual RGB color value. For depth cameras, Vision only supports the Intel RealSense D415 depth camera (which can be procured directly from Intel).

USB Cables for Depth Cameras

For the Intel depth camera, the maximum cable length is 6m. The length of the cable that ships with the camera (1m) plus the length of one of the following USB extension cables:

Please do not use other extension cables, as they are not officially supported.

If you need a USB hub, we recommend the Atolla USB 3.0 Hub (available at Amazon US or Amazon Germany)


We do currently not offer official guidance regarding mounting cameras on your shop floor. However, for test setups we frequently use the following three parts from Manfrotto that give a mounting extension of 84cm (33in):

  • Manfrotto 196AB-3 Single Arm 3 Section

  • Manfrotto 035 Super Clamp

  • Manfrotto 143BKT Camera Bracket

Further Reading

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