Please note: I/O Gateways are only available on Professional and Enterprise plans.

If you want to configure an individual I/O Gateway, see this setup guide to learn how to log in to the Gateway Portal for each IoT Gateway.

After setting up multiple gateways at your factory, you can view and update all IoT Gateways on the "Gateways" page within the "Shop Floor" tab of Tulip.

To access this page, log in to your Tulip account and choose the "Gateways" option under "Shop Floor".

You will see a list of all I/O Gateways that are connected to your Tulip account.

There are two things that you can do from this page:

  1. Update the software on an individual gateway

  2. Log in to the Gateway Portal of an individual I/O Gateway

Updating the Software on an Individual I/O Gateway

Tulip will periodically release updates to the software running on the IoT Gateway. To update to the latest version, click the "Update" button in the "Software" column for each gateway that is eligible for an update.

Logging In To The Gateway Portal

You can also use this page to log in to the Gateway Portal for each individual gateway. In order to do this, you must be on your company's network (the same one as the gateway). This is the same as the "Without Wi-Fi Dongle" section of this gateway setup guide.

Click the IP address in the "Local IP" column to be redirected to the Gateway Portal for that individual gateway.

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