Frontline Copilot Usage and Pricing
  • 21 Jun 2024
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Frontline Copilot Usage and Pricing

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This article provides guidance on tracking Frontline Copilot® Usage, enabling you to monitor the adoption of AI features within your instance.

Usage Page


Access to the Account Usage page is limited to users with the Account Owner user role. With Custom User Roles access to the usage page can be added to other user roles.

Navigating to the Usage Page

The Usage Page is accessible to users with the Account Owner role, found in the user profile menu. Users without access won't see this menu option.

Usage Page

More information on the Usage Page can be found here: Account Usage Page

AI Feature Usage Limits

All Frontline Copilot™ features are grouped into a single usage limit. Each use of the respective actions and widgets count as a single action. For chat interfaces, each user input message is counted as a single action (responses are free!).

A subset of Frontline Copilot® features is available outside of the Open Beta.

FeatureAvailabilityIncluded in Usage-based Pricing
App AI TranslationGeneral AvailabilityIncluded in Enterprise Plans
Translate Automation ActionGeneral AvailabilityTrue
Translate Trigger ActionGeneral AvailabilityTrue
Extract Text from Image/DocumentGeneral AvailabilityTrue
Extract Value from Image/DocumentGeneral AvailabilityTrue
Extract Text from Image/DocumentGeneral AvailabilityTrue
Speech-to-Text WidgetGeneral AvailabilityTrue
Chat with TablesGeneral AvailabilityTrue
Operator Chat WidgetGeneral AvailabilityTrue

Open Beta Features

Open beta features are free to use, and are available on an opt-in basis. Usage of these actions will not be tracked on the account usage page.

FeatureAvailabilityIncluded in Usage-based Pricing
Answer Question from Image/DocumentOpen BetaFalse
Answer Question from DataOpen BetaFalse
Classify Trigger ActionDeprecatedFalse

Every Tulip account has a free budget of Copilot actions included in their Tulip license:

PlanAllocated Actions
Essentials250 Frontline Copilot® actions/month
Professional500 Frontline Copilot® actions/month
Enterprise + Regulated Industries1,000 Frontline Copilot® actions/month

Additional Frontline Copilot® actions can be purchased from your Tulip representative.

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