Mobile Camera App
  • 16 Jan 2024
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Mobile Camera App

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To download the app, visit: Library

Mobile Camera App

Take pictures with your mobile and store them in Tulip with this simple camera and album app.


With this Camera and Album mobile app you can take pictures with your mobile device and store them into a Table as your album. Retrieve those pictures from the table to use in your Tulip apps.


The app is fully functioning without any setup required. Just run the app in the Player and take a picture.

The app comes with a pre-built table (Log) Photos. As you can see in the picture, not all the Fields in the tables are used by default in the app:

Screenshot 2022-12-08 at 13.32 1.png

The fields available in the app are:

IDTextUnique identifier with Randomstring().
PhotoImageImage captured by the phone camera or uploaded from phone.
Date CapturedDatetimeTimestamp of when the picture was taken/ uploaded.
Captured ByUserUser who has taken/ uploaded the picture.
ApplicationText(not used - app where the picture was taken)
App StepText(not used - step where the picture was taken)
S/N#Text(not used - serial num. of product/ material in picture)
WorkorderText(not used - Work Order num. in picture)
CommentsTextOptional comments to the picture taken/uploaded.

How it works

The app consists of only four steps: Take Picture, Review and Save, Album, Photo View.

On Take Picture, the step prompts you to take a picture with your camera. Alternatively, you can click on Upload to use a picture already stored in your phone.

Group 1002 2.png

You then have the chance to review and save the picture taken and add any comments that you want to add to the table record about the picture.

Group 1003 4.png

If you click on "Album" at the top of the page, you will access the album (the table '(Log) Photos').

Group 1006.png

When you click on a picture, you'll be able to update the comments attached to it and save your edits or just discard the changes made.

Group 1007.png

Further Reading

Check out these other documents on images, image input widgets, and OCR recognition:

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