In this guide, you will learn:

  • How to set up an OPC connector in Tulip

If you have a functioning OPC UA server with tags that you would like to connect to Tulip, then you are ready to set up an OPC UC connector and create your first machine monitoring app.

Please note: this article will cover machine monitoring for standard Tulip accounts hosted in the cloud. If you deploy Tulip on premises, you will need to speak to a Tulip representative to use machine monitoring.

Setting Up An OPC UA Connector

First, click into the Machines option under the Shop Floor tab on the Menu Bar.

Then, click "Machine Data Sources" from the dropdown in the top left.

Then, click “Create Connector” from the Machine Data Sources page.

Name your connector and hit "Save"

Then click the new connector from the list of OPC UA connectors.

After that, you will have 4 new fields to fill in:

  • Running On

  • Agent URL

  • Username

  • Password

For the “Running On” field, choose “Cloud Connector Host” unless you have a special setup that you have discussed with a Tulip representative.

For the “Agent URL” field, you should have a local TCP server with an IP address and port. If you are using a service like Kepware, this will be exposed in the UI. For example:


Then, you will need to add a redirect so that cloud services can access this IP address. Here’s an example of a redirect that is accessible in the cloud:

Add this string to the “Agent URL” field. Hit “Test” to see if you can successfully connect to the server.

If the test is successful, then you are ready to setup a machine. Click "Save", and then go to the "Machine Types" page to set up your first category of machines.

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