Using the Dymo S50 USB Scale Driver
  • 14 Mar 2023
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Using the Dymo S50 USB Scale Driver

Article Summary

A guide to the Dymo S50 Scale driver and Tulip.

This article describes the capabilities and configuration associated with the Dymo S50 Scale driver in Tulip.

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This driver is meant to receive data from Dymo USB scales (M10 and S50) through an Edge Device or a Windows Tulip Player, in the format:

unitOfMeasure: 'string',
measurement: 'float',
stable: 'boolean',
overloaded: 'boolean',

Driver Location: Edge Devices, Windows Tulip Player

Supported Devices

  • Dymo M10 VID: 2338, PID: 32771
  • Dymo S50 VID: 2338, PID: 32777

Driver Configuration

To configure the driver for the Dymo S50 Scale, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Edge Devices configuration page (located in the Shop Floor tab) or via the urls: http://[edgeDevicesIP]/driverConfig or http://[]/driverConfig

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  1. Assign the Edge Device to a Station, and enable the "DYMO-USB-SCALE" driver in the station configuration by selecting Configure Drivers.

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  1. In the Windows Tulip Player, go to the Station and select the station that the driver is connected to. Select Display Device, then Configure Devices.
  2. Enable the “DYMO-USB-SCALE” driver.

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Scale Output

  • Unit of measure - g/oz/kg/lb - based on what the scale is set.
  • Measurement - the raw measurement that the scale outputs
  • Stable - yes/no - after 4 exact measurements the scale is deemed stable
  • Overloaded - yes/ no - If there is more weight on the scale than the upper limit, the scale reports that it is overloaded

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Scale Error

The scale outputs an error when it is overloaded.

Dymo Scale6.png

The scale also outputs an error when the driver loses connection to the device or if connectivity issues occur between the driver and the device.

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App Configuration

To use the driver in an app, route a trigger to match the following logic:

Dymo Scale9.png

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