Button widgets are one of the primary ways to create Triggers in your apps. 

To add a button in a particular step, open the step in the Tulip App Builder and click on “Buttons” from the Tool Bar.

There are five options for adding buttons. Four of them have pre-defined logic associated with them. 

  • Button: This is the only option without predefined logic.  To make a custom button, select “Button” and follow the guide on Button Triggers to add custom logic.
  • Previous: The “Previous” button takes the operator to the last step they were on.
  • Menu: The “Menu” button opens the menu where the operator can add comments, pause, restart or switch the app they are using.  The operator can log out of the Tulip Player or even change the language running on the Tulip Player from here.
  • Next: The Next button takes the operator to the next step in the app flow.
  • Complete: The “Complete” button completes the app that the operator is running.

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