Please note: The node-red machine API node will be released with OS40 on 3/15. Please reach out to with any questions.

In this article you will...

  • Learn how to set up your Machine API and a Machine
  • Learn how to enable Node-RED for your Edge MC

Before setting up Node-RED with your Edge MC, make sure you've registered your device to your instance. For instructions on registering your Edge MC, check out this article.

Setting up the Machine API

Note: If you have a Tulip Table API already set up, you may use that API Key and Secret

  1. Navigate to your Settings > Bots
  2. Click Create Bot in the upper right hand corner of your screen
  3. Name your bot, and select events:write for it's scope:

4. A modal with your API Key, Secret and Auth Header will appear. Please save this information as it can not be accessed again

Congratulations - you've officially set up your Machine API!

Setting up a new Machine

Once you've set up your Machine API, a new Machine Data Source will appear on your instance. To view this datasource click Shop Floor > Machines, and navigate to Machine Data Sources:

You will have to create a new machine linked to this data source. To create a new machine navigate to Machine Library, and click Create Machine.

The following modal will appear:

  1. Machine Name (Required): Name you machine
  2. Machine Data Source (Required): Select Tulip API
  3. Station (Optional)
  4. Type (Optional)

Now that your machine is created, you'll need to add an attribute. Click on the + button in the top right of your screen:

For this example, we will be creating a Counter attribute of type Integer.

Once your attribute is created, click the + button again, and select the attribute:

Please click Save in the upper right corner.

Your Tulip instance is now set up with the Machine API, a Machine, and a Machine Attribute - it's time to start using Node-RED!

Enabling Node-RED on your Edge MC

Note: If you're running an older Edge MC software, you may need to preform a Factory Reset before continuing. Click here to learn how to reset your device.

To enable Node-RED for your device, you must go to your Edge MC portal, which can be found at your device's IP address.

  1. Click on your the tab Shop Floor > Gateways
  2. Find your Edge MC device, and access it's portal navigating to it's IP address

3. Login to your Edge MC portal

4. Enable Node-RED

4. Click Node-RED Editor

5. Enter the following credentials in the Node-RED login screen:

  • Username: admin
  • Password: Your Edge MC password

You've officially connected your Edge MC to Node-RED!

Authenticating your Tulip Machine API Node

1. Drag and drop a Tulip Machine API Node into the editor

2. Double click on the node to open it's settings panel:

You will need to add your Tulip API authentication, and your Device info.

Tulip API Authentication

  • Factory URL: Your instance's URL (E.g.
  • API Key: The API Key from the Machine API that you set up
  • API Secret: The API Secret from the Machine API that you set up

Device Info

  • Device Info: Copy and paste the Device Info from your Machine:

Your tulip-machine-api node is now authenticated!

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