Please note: The node-RED Machine API node will be released with OS40 on 3/26. Please reach out to with any questions.

In this article you will...

  • Learn how to enable Node-RED for your Edge MC


  • Before setting up Node-RED with your Edge MC, make sure you've registered your device to your instance. For instructions on registering your Edge MC, check out this article.

  • You will also need to configure the Machine Attribute API on your instance per this article.

Enabling Node-RED on your Edge MC

Note: If you're running an older Edge MC software, you may need to perform a Factory Reset before continuing. Click here to learn how to reset your device.

To enable Node-RED for your device, you must go to your Edge MC portal, which can be found at your device's IP address.

  1. Click on your the tab Shop Floor > Gateways

  2. Find your Edge MC device, and access it's portal navigating to it's IP address

3. Login to your Edge MC portal

4. Enable Node-RED

4. Click Node-RED Editor

5. Enter the following credentials in the Node-RED login screen:

  • Username: admin

  • Password: Your Edge MC password

You've officially connected your Edge MC to Node-RED!

Authenticating your Tulip Machine API Node

1. Drag and drop a Tulip Machine API Node into the editor

2. Double click on the node to open it's settings panel:

You will need to add your Tulip API authentication, and your Device info.

Tulip API Authentication

  • Factory URL: Your instance's URL (E.g.

  • API Key: The API Key from the Machine API that you set up

  • API Secret: The API Secret from the Machine API that you set up

Device Info

  • Device Info: Copy and paste the Device Info from your Machine:

Your tulip-machine-api node is now authenticated!

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