5S Result Radar (spider) Chart Widget
  • 17 Sep 2022
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5S Result Radar (spider) Chart Widget

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5S result radar (spider) chart widget

Functionality and set up for the 5S result radar chart widget

Want to display your 5S audit or survey results with the classic radar/spider chart....Now you can with 5S radar widget.

This widget can be used at the end of the audit to display the results of a 5S or in a dashboard app for an area along side other analysis.

This is a library add-on custom widget. Add the widget to your instance by installing the unit test from the library. It can then be found in the app edit under the custom menu.


Chart Data:

SERIES 1 DATA and SERIES 2 DATA: Should be a list of 5 values. The list should be in the order "Sort", "Set in Order", "Shine", "Standardise", "Sustain". Only the first 5 values will be shown for lists longer than 5 items.

Recommended set up: Prepare a list variable for the first series in the app by combing the scores from the audit or using a table aggregation. Repeat for the second series or alternatively use static values e.g. for a target.


SERIES 1 and SERIES2: Label and Line Color can be set up independently for each series

Recommended set up: Use "Static Value" and select/ enter your options

See the unit test for more examples of set up and the widget in action.

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