Factory 273 Release - February 2024
  • 21 Feb 2024
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Factory 273 Release - February 2024

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Release 273 brings many updates that improve the App Editor, new Connectors page functionalities, and Automations!

Let us know your thoughts and questions in the Tulip Community.

Settings Page Improvement

On Workspace Settings in Schedules and Shifts, the title for the "Actions" column on the custom widgets page has been removed, and colored buttons have been added.

On the Users page, users can navigate away from the user page, and the filter is preserved. This helps reduce the annoyance of having to configure the checkboxes and textfield every time the user briefly visits other pages and comes back.

On the API Tokens page, users can sort by name and can edit and archive global tokens after creation.


In the app editor, users will notice styling updates for section headers in context panel. This results in improved accessibility of context panes by making their heading structure more consistent

Connectivity Improvements

HTTP connectors now support mTLS. PEM files can be uploaded for standard TLS extending the Certificate Authority to a custom CA, or a PFX file can be provided, including both a client and a server certificate. More information about mTLS is available here.

mTLS support is only supported on Cloud Connector Host, but support will be coming to edge devices and On-Prem Connector Hosts as part of LTS12, being released this spring. More information about connector hosts is available here.


Edge Improvements

Converted the static strings on the edge devices page in the station column that say what station it is into actual links that navigate you to that station


Vision Improvements

On the vision camera configuration page, users can easily see and assign new stations and cameras in the camera configuration page. Users can also edit, replace, and remove assigned cameras from the camera configuration page.

On the vision camera configuration page, users should see a slow connection status badge for Realsense cameras on the Camera Configuration page so they are aware that they should use a 3.0 cable and port for RealSense Cameras.


Users can filter camera station assignment based on camera status: online, offline, unstable.



Pre-Transition Triggers

On the app overview page, apps running on the deprecated pre-transition trigger runtime will now appear in a dedicated "Requires Action" apps page. Read more here.

Bug Fix Highlights

Release 273 contains multiple bug fixes that we want to highlight because they were reported by users:

  • Fixes an issue where machine monitoring wasn't processing data when it received machine activity fields with corrupted names.

  • Fixes an issue where news feed records were overly memory intensive. Users should notice an improvement in news feed load speed.

  • Some customers experienced issues with their Connector Hosts restarting due to their OPC UA data source Security Mode settings. This has been fixed.

  • Fix the resolution of the "Step group name" app info for published app when Meteor Free Player is on.

  • Fixes a bug where texts and variables (all type) are shown differently Japanese language mode than English language mode in the Tulip Player

  • Fixes an issue where users would face an endless spinner when looking at queries and aggregations.

  • When editing a custom user role, the Stations - "View and assign" permission has been replace with a new "Limited Access" permission. When selected, you can elect to give a role permission to assign apps to stations or create new stations without giving them full access to stations.

  • Fixes an issue where the Record History Widget was showing current timezone instead of default.

  • Fixes an issue where datetime variables in player were showing the local timezone instead of the timezone set in the app builder's profile settings.

  • Fixes an issue where AI Translations was causing expressions to break on show message and show error trigger actions.

  • Fixes an issue related to growing number of variables on the completions tab.

Full List of Ticket ID included in Release 273

If you are tracking any of these tickets and would like more details, please contact Tulip Customer Support via support@tulip.co or live chat through your instance.


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