Maintenance Event Schedule
  • 10 May 2024
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Maintenance Event Schedule

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Maintenance Events

As part of Tulip's ongoing commitment to deliver a reliable and secure cloud platform, there is an occasional need to perform necessary system maintenance. We understand the impact these events have on our customers' operations and want to provide as much forward notice as possible to minimize disruptions.

What are maintenance events?

Maintenance events are an essential part of our infrastructure's lifecycle. They ensure that our platform runs efficiently, with up-to-date security measures and an improved user experience. Activities performed during these windows may include upgrading core system components, applying patches, or version updates.


For planned maintenance events, Tulip has scheduled event windows for the next several months. These times are intended to be during low-traffic periods on weekends based on regional timezones. Windows are planned for a period of four-hours, between 10 PM and 2 AM based on the hosting location timezone:

  • US - Eastern Time (EST/EDT)
  • EU - Central European Time (CET/CEST)
  • APAC/CN - Singapore Time (SGT)

To find the region your environment is hosted, please reference the version information that is located at the bottom left of the Account Settings.
This is only available for customers that are on LTS12 or r275 and later.


While not every window of time will be utilized, we want to ensure customers have the appropriate visibility to ensure they are prepared for potential disruption while a maintenance event is occurring. At least one month before a scheduled window, Tulip will update this document and share an evaluation in Community to provide a go/no-go decision on the upcoming maintenance window. This will include an assessment of the impact of the maintenance work:

  • High - Complete loss of service (>10 minutes) or significant performance degradation (>30 minutes).
  • Medium - Brief loss of service (<10 minutes) or significant performance degradation (<30 minutes)
  • Low - No loss of service or significant performance degradation.

Maintenance window updates will be announced via Tulip Community within the Announcements section. Tulip recommends configuring notifications to include any new post within this channel.

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