As a Tulip Administrator, you have a few options for configuring overall settings for your account.

To access account settings, click your user icon in the top right of the menu bar, and then select "Settings".

You will then see the following tools.

Approvals: Set up the different roles that need to approve new versions of apps (enterprise accounts only). See this separate guide for more details.

Default Schedules: Configure the shifts that you use on your production floor so you can create app logic around shift numbers. See this separate guide for more details.

Custom Colors

The Custom Colors tool allows you to choose the colors that will appear in the color palette in the App Builder.

The list will show all default colors to start.

To add a new color, click the color itself. Then, choose a color by dragging the selector, or inputting a specific hex code.

Then, click "Add Color" to make the color available in the color picker of every app.


This is where you can set up a variety of default settings for apps. Here are the fields you can change.

Company Name: Set the official company name that should appear in apps.

Company Logo (Light): Set the company logo that should appear on dark backgrounds.

Company Logo (Dark): Set the company logo that should appear on light backgrounds.

Default Timezone: Set the default timezone to accurately track when apps are running. This setting can be overridden for individual stations in the Shop Floor tab. See this guide for more detail.

Mask Badge ID on Login: Conceal the badge ID that operators enter into the Tulip Player with * characters.

Hide App Completion Time in Player Menu: Prevent operators from viewing the amount of time spent in the app in the default Tulip Player menu.


Hide Error Messages In Player: Do not show any error messages to operator, ie when a table record fails to load or a connector function does not return a value

Hide "App Completed" and "App Canceled" Messages in Player: Do not show the operator a message when an app is completed or canceled

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