How to Restart the Tulip Player if the Screen Goes Blank
  • 17 Nov 2022
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How to Restart the Tulip Player if the Screen Goes Blank

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Here's how to restart your Tulip Player.

There are 2 common signs that your Tulip Player needs to be reset:

  1. The screen goes blank and cannot be restored by closing the Tulip Player and reopening it.
  2. An app is "running" in the Tulip Player, but no buttons can be pressed within the app, and the app does not update when you make changes in the App Editor.

There are two ways to reset the Tulip Player.

Use The Refresh Button

First, right click on the Tulip Player and choose Refresh.  If this does not solve the problem, follow the steps listed below.

Hard Reset The Tulip Player

  1. Navigate to Developer in the Menu bar and select Clear All Data. Choose Confirm when a pop-up appears.

  1. This will close and reopen the Tulip Player to the following screen. Type the name of your Tulip account in the empty box and click Register.

Type only the name and not the entire url. Ex: If your Tulip account is, then type only mytulip).

  1. Fill your e-mail and password details on this screen as prompted.

  1. Add a Device name on the following screen followed by the Badge ID when prompted. Use Badge ID 0000 if you are unsure of your badge ID.

  1. This will then send you to the following tab.  Select the app you would like to run on the Tulip Player.

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