How to restore a Development Version of an App from a Published Version
  • 30 Sep 2022
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How to restore a Development Version of an App from a Published Version

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This article explains how to manage app versions to restore and then modify a "Published Version"

This article assumes you are familiar with App Versioning. If not we recommend taking a moment to read "Creating and Managing App Versions"

Published Versions of an app have been frozen and cannot be modified whereas Development Versions can be changed freely by users with the appropriate permissions.

That said, you can restore a development version of an app from a previously published version.


when you publish this new app, it will not replace the previous version. It will simply save another version that will be visible in the "Versions Tab" of the App Summary View.

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In order to modify a published version of an app, you must use the “Versions” Tab in the App Summary View. Here's an example:

How To Use Snapshots

Tulip Basics’ is currently deployed to the production line. You’ve been working on some changes in the development version that you aren’t ready to deploy yet.

Imagine that you need to make a small fix in the production version of ‘Tulip Basics’, without including the changes in the Development Version.

You can use a Snapshot to save the development version with your edits that you are not ready to deploy.

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So let's say that Tulip Basics Version 4, published September 13,2018, is currently deployed to the line.

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You need to make a small fix to it. But, you want to be sure to restore exactly what is being used in production before making the changes.

  1. Click "Create Snapshot" next to the current development version to save it.
  2. Click "Restore" next to Version 4, which you would like to edit.
  3. Click "Yes, restore version"

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You will now have the ability to edit a new Development Version of the app that was restored directly from the specified Published version dated September 13, 2018.


You can add more rules and involve multiple Approvers using our Approvals feature

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