How to Disable Automatic Updates for the Tulip Player
  • 27 Sep 2023
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How to Disable Automatic Updates for the Tulip Player

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Learn how to disable automatic updates for the Tulip Player

The Tulip Player application by default automatically updates to the latest version when available. It is strongly recommended that you receive these regular updates for new features, security, bug fixes, stability, and performance optimizations.

However, if there is a need to disable automatic updates for compliance with your IT policies, this can be achieved by following the procedure outlined below.

Using a settings.json File

Supported from version 1.5.1 and above.


This method applies for all PC users.

  • Create a “settings.json” file at C:\ProgramData\tulip\settings folder. If this folder path does not already exist, you will need to create it.
  • Ensure that all other users of the PC have “READ” privilege on this file.
  • Open the file in Notepad or any text editor and add the following content to it:
"disableAutoUpdates": true  

If this file already exists and has other contents, simply add the "disableAutoUpdates": true entry, separated by a comma from other file entries.

At this stage, you can launch the Tulip Player and from the top menu bar, select File → Check for Updates. The modal that opens should say “Updates are disabled” if this has been configured correctly.

Using Windows Registry

Supported from version 2.4.0 and above.

Use the HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Tulip\Tulip Player registry key to disable auto updates by setting the AutoUpdate DWORD value to 0.

This registry key is automatically created when installing through the MSI installer. Passing the AUTOUPDATEENABLED=0 parameter will result in the installer setting this registry key with value 0.

For more info, see Tulip Player Enterprise Deployments.

In case of EXE installer, this registry key is not created automatically. An admin will need to create the key and set the the AutoUpdate DWORD value.

AutoUpdates - Registry Editor

Using Environment Variables

Supported from version 2.0.0 and above.

For the current user:

  • Open a PowerShell terminal and execute the following command to set an environment variable named:


[Environment]::SetEnvironmentVariable("TULIP_PLAYER_DISABLE_AUTO_UPDATES", "true", [EnvironmentVariableTarget]::User)

For the all users on the PC:

  • Open a PowerShell terminal as Administrator and execute the following command to set an environment variable named: “TULIP_PLAYER_DISABLE_AUTO_UPDATES” with value “true”
[Environment]::SetEnvironmentVariable("TULIP_PLAYER_DISABLE_AUTO_UPDATES", "true", [EnvironmentVariableTarget]::Machine)

Updates for Player on Edge Devices

Player on Edge devices do not support auto updates. Instead, they are updated when the Edge device firmware is updated.

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