Events Reporting Template Application
  • 17 Sep 2022
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Events Reporting Template Application

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Events Reporting Template Application

This article explains how to use the Events Reporting Template App available for download from library


The purpose of the Events Reporting Template application is to allow users to have a starting point of basic steps that they can use to capture and log events in their applications. The goal of this application is to provide users with building blocks that they can they build on top off in this application.


The Events Reporting Template Application comes with a variety of different step layouts that can be used as quick starting points for building out customized steps to capture and log events in Tulip applications. This application has no trigger logic built in, in order to allow it to be as easy as possible for users to customize this application to their needs. This application provides templates for the following types of data capture steps:

  • Logging an Event
  • Logging a Defect
  • Logging Machine Downtime
  • Sending an Email to a user assigned to an Event
  • Sending a SMS to a user assigned to an Event
  • Reporting a Quality Event

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