The Mitutoyo U-WAVE Receiver allows wireless communication with a variety of Digimatic Gauges and Calipers. The support for this device is available in Windows Tulip Player (v1.7.x or higher). This device is not currently supported on other platforms such as the Android Player or Tulip Edge Devices.

Before using the U-WAVE Receiver with Windows Tulip Player, the device drivers for this device needs to be installed for Windows to properly interface with the device.

  1. Download the DOWNLOAD U-WAVEPAK 1.022B zip file on your Windows PC and extract it.

  2. The extracted contents would have a “Drivers” folder as shown below

  3. Plug in the Mitutoyo U-WAVE Receiver to the Windows PC.

  4. Open “Device Manager”. You can search for “Device Manager” from the Start menu or find it within Control Panel

  5. Expand the “Other devices” section and you should see “USB Serial Port” with a yellow warning icon. Note: On some Windows versions, you might see “Mitutoyo U-WAVE” instead.

  6. Right click on the device and select “Update Driver”

  7. In the modal that opens, click on the “Browse my computer for drivers” option.

  8. Click the “Browse” button and select the “U-WAVEPAK_V1.022B\Drivers\CDM_U-WAVE” folder from within the folder extracted in step 2. Ensure “Include subfolders” is selected.

  9. Wait for Windows to install the driver and show a success message.

  10. Click on the “Close” button. The Device Manage would automatically refresh and you can find the “Mitutoyo U-WAVE (COMX)” under “Ports (COM & LPT)” section. The COMX number may vary from PC to PC.

    Note: On some Windows PCs, the device might show up again as an unrecognized device (with an yellow warning icon). In this case, repeat the driver install process again on the unrecognized device.

  11. The U-WAVE Receiver should now work with the Windows Tulip Player application.

  12. You may need to manually pair the U-WAVE Transmitter with the U-WAVE Receiver. This is not automatically handled by the Tulip Player Application. For instructions, see U-WAVE - Pair Transmitter and Receiver for Metrology Data Collection

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