The purpose of the Number Pad Unit Test is to allow users to learn and understand how to setup and use the Number Pad custom widget in their Tulip applications. Custom widgets are coded widgets that sit on top of the Tulip platform to give additional functionality that is not currently part of the main platform. The Number Pad Custom Widget allows you to increase the speed and improve the process of number entry for apps on touch screens.


Custom Widget Plugins interact with your application through the use of properties and events. Properties are the shared data that exists between your application and widget, while events are signals that your widget can send to your application. In your app editor you can build triggers based off these events. Events can be made to send data to your application as well.

The Number Pad Custom Widget makes use of one property and one event. The property being used in this custom widget is named 'Integer' and is of type integer and is read-only. This property holds the integer value that is returned from the number pad when the enter button is clicked. The event being used in this custom widget is called 'Clicked' and this event fires when the user presses any button and it returns the value of the button.

How it Works

The Number Pad Custom Widget allows you to input an integer value and will return the value that is inputted on clicking enter. An example of how it works can be seen in the GIF below.

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