Working with third parties is often time integral to managing workplace activities. The Third Party Management Application allows you to create and maintain records of all third party requests submitted as well as all third parties being used in the workplace. This application allows you to submit requests for new third parties to be used in the workplace, edit third party information, define performance approach, edit the status for the third party, conduct a performance reviews and to view history of a third party record. With all your data in digital format, you can easily view historical and current records as well for all third parties.

***NOTE**** This application contains documentation to help you get up and running more quickly. Contact support@tulip.co for an Operational Flow Diagram, a Risk Assessment, and a Test Plan for a seamless GxP deployment.


This application makes use of the Third Party Systems Management table. Every time a new Third Party Request is created, a new record for that request is created in the Third Party Systems Management Table. The following metadata is required to create the initial Third Party Request record:

-Third Party Name

-Description of product or service

-Acceptance Criteria

-Third Party Category

-Business Owner

Once all this data is provided, a new Third Party record is created with a unique ID, and the status of the Third Party changes to Under Evaluation. Once the Third Party request is under evaluation, the performance approach needs to be defined, in order to define the evaluation mechanism. Once the performance mechanism has been defined, the business owner can then change the status of the third party to active, and is required to input the status change date, as well as sign off to complete this status change. Based on the third party category and the evaluation frequency, the next review date is calculated from the date the third party is activated. Reviews can also be performed in the Third Party Management application, and when a review is performed, the reviewer is asked to input the date at which the review was performed, as well as a link to the data for the access review. The reviewer is also asked whether the Third Party is still acceptable, and based on the response chosen, they are navigated to different screens. If the reviewer chooses the option 'Yes', the next review date is calculated from the access review date. If the reviewer chooses the option 'No, continue to use', they are navigated to a screen to make a CAPA in order to address this further. If they choose the option 'No, discontinue to use', they are navigated to a screen to deactivate the Third Party, and the status of the Third Party is changed to inactive.

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