The purpose of the Zebra Label Printer Unit Test application is to allow users to test whether their Zebra Label Printers are connected correctly and are functioning as desired. This application is designed in order to test Zebra Label Printers that are connected wirelessly on the same network.


In order for this application to be used, a compatible Zebra Label Printer connected on the same wireless network is required. Instructions for setting up the Zebra Label Printer can be found here.

How it works

This application is designed to test whether your Zebra Label Printer is connected and is functioning correctly. When the application is opened, the user is prompted with a screen detailing instructions on how to set up their Zebra Label Printer. Once the printer has been setup, users have the options to print text, print barcodes or print ZPL. The users are asked to enter the Host or IP address for the Zebra Label Printer along with a font scale and the data they want to print, and once they hit the print button, the label should print. If your labels don't print, the help button on the bottom right of the screen links to the support article on how to set up the network printer.

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