The barcode widget allows you to create and display barcodes directly within Tulip. Here is how you can add a barcode widget to your frontline operations app.

Navigate to the Step in the app where you would like to add a barcode widget.

Click on “Embed” in the App Editor Tool Bar and choose “Barcode” from the resulting dropdown.

Now, you have to pick a datasource. The options for the datasource are:

  • Variables: Any variable in your app that you've created

  • App Info: Variables that are automatically logged in your app (Ex: Logged-In User Name, Time Elapsed On App and Step Name)

  • Tulip Table Record: Reference data stored in tables

  • Static Value

We support the following barcode formats:

  • EAN - 8

  • EAN -13

  • CODE 39

  • CODE 128

  • ITF

  • QR Code

  • ECC 200

  • PDF 417

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