The purpose of the Light Kit Unit Test application is to allow users to test whether their light kits are connected correctly and are functioning as desired. The light kit unit test makes use of a gateway and a light kit, so please make sure to have this equipment on hand before using this application.

Video Overview of Application


In order for this application to be used, a gateway and a light kit are required.

Instructions for setting up a Tulip gateway can be found here.

Instructions for setting up a Tulip light kit can be found here.

How it works

This application makes use of a Tulip gateway and a Tulip light kit, in order to test whether your light kit is connected and is functioning correctly. When the application is opened, the user is prompted to enter the bin number at which they want to test the light kit at. Once the bin has been selected, hit test in order to turn the light on at the entered bin and it should illuminate. If the light kit illuminates, this indicates that the light kit is connected correctly and is working. Otherwise, the user has the option to access a support article which provides relevant instructions regarding how to setup a light kit and get it functioning.

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