There are a few ways to run Tulip applications depending on the device you're using.

  • Tulip Player application - available on Windows, macOS, or Android

  • Using a web browser to run apps in Chrome or Safari for iOS devices

    • Apps can be run in the browser by navigating to

NOTE: You can only be logged into the web browser Player if you are not actively logged into the instance as an editor.

Tulip generally recommends using the Tulip Player applications, especially for Windows devices where the Tulip Player app offers extended functionality in comparison to the web Player.

For the Windows Tulip Player, this extended set of features includes:

A more immersive user experience:

  • The ability to persist its window size, position, and full screen state across restarts. This can be helpful if you always want your Tulip Player to appear in the same position, or to always be maximized.

  • Provides a dedicated user experience - it can only be used to access Tulip apps.

Better hardware access:

  • Full support for Tulip Vision.

  • Several native hardware drivers built specifically for Windows, which are listed in detail here.

  • The ability to open files from the local computer within your Tulip app.

  • Extended support for barcode scanners with the ability to add custom scanners.

Better authentication experience:

  • Administrators only have to authenticate the Windows Tulip Player once per physical computer. In contrast, the Tulip Web Player has to be authenticated separately for each operator. In some situations, shareable station links can be used to work around this limitation.

  • Credentials are securely persisted to the file system, improving the longevity of station registration periods and thus reducing the number of multiple registrations.

  • The ability to register to multiple Tulip instances, making it easier to switch between a staging and production instance, for example.

  • Can be used in parallel to the Tulip App Editor. You must sign out of the App Editor in order to access the Tulip Web Player.


  • Extended accessibility to access Player logs.

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