Ever submit a request and have no idea whatever happens to it? The Tool & Asset Manager is an example of how you can set up a system to submit requests for tools, and manage the dispatch of those requests. Often times there are more than one demand for a shared asset. The Tool & Asset Manager app enables you to see how you can track data around demand for certain pieces of equipment. You can view all ongoing demands, and use data to make decisions about which requests are accepted or rejected. On top of it all, you can keep everyone informed of status of requests, and leave the frustration and ambiguity of submitting a request into a black hole in the past.

Installation Guide

  1. Open the Tool Request app and edit the trigger on the 'Submit' button to have the request assigned to your Tool Room Manager

2. Rebuild the analysis against the *Material Requests table

3. Open the 'Dashboard' App in the editor and add this analysis to the 'Pending Requests', 'Requests in Process' and 'Completed Requests'

4. Rebuild the analysis against the *Assets table

5. Select this analysis as the 'Checked In' and 'Checked Out' Analysis

6. Rebuild and replace the Average Duration metrics with this analysis

7. Rebuild and replace the Average Material Request duration

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