Adding a Home Screen shortcut for Tulip Player on iOS & iPadOS allows you to easily discover and start Tulip Player.

Also, compared to running Tulip Player in a web browser, the Player will not show irrelevant web controls (such as the navigation bar and forward/backward buttons).

Please follow the steps below to add a home screen shortcut to the Player.

Note: A Shareable Stations link will not authenticate an iOS shortcut to the Player. You will need to log in with your Tulip credentials.

Step 1

Open the Safari app and navigate to the Tulip Player URL of your Tulip account at "".

Step 2

There is no need to log in yet. Instead, open the sharing menu and scroll down until the option "Add to Home Screen" appears.

Step 3

Next, consider changing the name that will appear on the Home Screen and tap "Add".

Step 4

Start Tulip Player from your Home Screen, login, and register this Player with your Tulip account.

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