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This collection enables users to quickly build and maintain work instructions in Tulip without needing to know and understand the entire Tulip App Editor. Using the Work Instruction Builder, you can define a work instruction, assign procedures, and the build and order and sequence as many steps as necessary within each procedure.

This is for you if you are looking to:

  • Quickly and easily convert hundreds or thousands of work instructions to digital format

  • Collect data and information from the user while they are performing the instruction

  • Scale work instructions across your entire organization

General Overview

The Dynamic Work Instruction App Suite contains 4 applications:

1. Dynamic Work Instruction Builder

The Work Instruction Builder is used to define the content for all work instructions. It allows the builder to create instructions, procedures and tasks and link them together. They key main features of this application include:

  • Creating new instructions

  • Disabling instructions

  • Defining an instructions' procedures and tasks

  • Defining task types from one of the following

    • Info - A simple read-only work instruction step that allows user to view an image and some accompanying text

    • Acknowledge -Image, text, and a checkmark confirmation widget from the user is required to confirm acknowledgement of text

    • Number - Image, text, and a number input. Users can define an upper and lower limit (optional)

    • Text - Image, text, and a text widget. Users can define the label on the text widget

    • Barcode - Image text, and trigger logic to capture data scanned from barcode

    • Image - Image capture widget and text

  • Reordering tasks within a procedure

  • Reordering procedures within an instruction

2. Dynamic Work Instructions App

The Operator Terminal is central interface to your operators on the shop floor. After scanning or selecting an instruction, it will guide the operator through the steps you have defined in the Work Instruction Builder.

Getting Started

Following along in this tutorial to learn how to install and set up your work instructions


How do I assign one of my instructions to a product?

There isn't a way to do this within this app suite, but you most certainly can create a Products table and use linked record to link the appropriate Instruction. When a product is scanned that uses the instructions, you can then load the instruction as shown in the Dynamic Work Instruction App.

How do I connect this to my ERP?

The Tulip Tables Work Instructions, Procedures , and Tasks should be representative of tables/fields that you would pull from an ERP. You can easily swap out the triggers that call to the Table Tables with your ERP once you have the necessary connector functions established.

Can I do a mass import?

Yes. First, export the Work Instructions, Work Instruction Procedures , and Work Instruction Tasks tables. Then populate your data and import it back in.

If you are not sure which data is necessary, before exporting we recommend running the Work Instruction Builder application to set up an instruction and see which fields were populated.

Can I connect my work instructions to collect data from IoT connected devices?

Yes, follow the instructions below:

  1. In the Work Instruction Builder app, on the "New Task" step there is a single select field for 'Task Type'. Edit this dropdown option to add the name of the task type that you are looking to add. For example 'Scale'.

  2. Make a copy of the 'Edit Info Type' and the 'View Info Type' steps.

  3. Edit the name of the style to read 'Edit [Name of New Step Type] Type' and 'View [Name of New Step Type] Type'

  4. Edit the steps to contain the necessary trigger logic necessary

  5. Copy the View Step into both the Dynamic Work Instruction Viewer App and the Dynamic Work Instruction Viewer App(mobile).

How do I add my own fields?

If your task or product etc has different fields than we have outlined, you can modify the Work Instruction, Work Instruction Procedures, and Work Instruction Tasks tables to have the accurate fields. Then, update the steps to call for the particular fields.

I don't need Procedures, I just need Instruction>Tasks is this possible?

Yes, with Tulip you can customize anything! Modify the Work Instruction Builder to only show the tasks filtered by Instruction ID. Then delete out any logic that shows the Procedures.

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