The following article will outline how to create a Shareable Station. For details on how to set up a Station in general, reference this article:

Shareable Stations

With Shareable Stations, you can have an operator log into a particular Station using a single-use link.

First you'll want to set up a new Station. Navigate to your Shop Floor page, and click Create Station in the upper right hand corner.

Name your new Station, and make sure you click Get Shareable Link checkbox. You'll also need to select and App, or App Group, to assign to the Station:

After clicking Create, another Modal will appear with your Shared Station's link:

Click the copy button to the right of the link to copy your link.

Send this one time use link to the team member you'd like to be set up on this station. It's important to note that that they must have previously downloaded the Tulip Player, and this link will expire after their initial login.

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