This article provides a brief overview of the Tulip applications in the App Library centered around Pack & Ship functionality.


The applications in this Pack & Ship solution provide a lightweight solution for final packing and shipping of products. The workflow guides a user through the steps required to ship a package. It directly integrates with Shippo and Google Geolocation APIs in order to provide robust address validation as well as automatic shipping label generation (requires active Shippo and logistics provider accounts). Additionally, we provide a set of pre-built analytics to help operations monitor the volume of shipments processing through their facility.


There are three applications included in this Pack & Ship Solution:

Pack & Ship Workflow

This application guides an operator through the shipment process for a package. It integrates directly into external services for Address Validation, and similarly helps you organize customers. Upon the shipping process, it can also help by generating a shipment label using a connector to the Shippo platform. One shipped, you may track individual packages from here.

Pack & Ship Dashboard

This application provides a series of views into the data generated by the other applications in this solution. It can show the quantity of shipments awaiting processing and currently being processed on a per station basis. As well, this dashboard offers customized views on a per order or per customer basis.

Pack & Ship Modules

This application takes the functionality of the Pack & Ship app and bundles it into simple, copy/paste-able modules which can be used in your other applications.


The application is pre-configured and ready to use! Simply connect your Shippo account to our pre-built connector, and you are ready to begin shipping! For more information about that process, see this article.

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